Yes Player 2021 APK Latest version Download [Update]

Yes player 2021 stream videos in high quality. It supports all the video formats such as MP4, MKV, M4V, AVI, and FLV. It also supports many kinds of resolutions: Low to High. 

Yes Player 2021

Another special feature of Yes Player is that it supports many subtitle formats such as VTT, SRT, SSA, etc.

Yes Player offers many unique features that help the users do their exact task within minutes. These unique features make the user interest in working with the app. 

You can download this app within 8.8Mb, and the app will be in the Google Play Store. With the latest Yes Player update, it has got many special features to do separate tasks using it.

Yes Player 2021 Download

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Special Features of Yes Player 2021

  • Yes Player supports all kinds of video, audio, and subtitle formats. You can add subtitles to your videos by downloading subtitles. 
  • This helps you a lot since you can watch videos of any country, with your language subtitle in it.
  • You can organize the videos from one place, view them, share them, and delete them according to your preferences.
  • You can stream videos freely without paying money. Many video streaming apps such as YouTube, Hulu, and Prime Video are subscription services, but you can watch and save money from Yes Player.
  • The movies, videos, and other items have been categorized into many topics to help the user find his/ her most favorite category. Categories such as Funny, Love, Sad, Attitude, Family and Friends and Random, etc. are there, and the user is free to select the most preferred type.
  • Also, Yes Player has categorized the most popular videos and trending videos separately. So the users can identify the new movies, songs, viral videos that have been released lately and the most popular ones.

yes player 2021 download

Security and Privacy

Since the app is verified in Google Play Protect, the users do not need to be afraid of permitting to access their files, location services, and other permissions. 

Also, the Pin Lock feature, Pattern to unlock, and the Finger Print Feature make the videos opened only by you, and no one can access the videos without your permission. 

The Hiding feature can hide your videos from the gallery, and it is not visible to anyone. So you have perfect privacy protection with these simple features.

How to Install Yes Player to PC?

There is a simple method to install Yes Player to your Mac or Windows PC and watch videos on a big screen rather than a mobile display.

  • You can use an android emulator on your PC such as Blustack, NOXPlayer, etc. Then you can sign in to your Google account on the emulator and download Yes Player to your PC.

Then you can enjoy watching free movies and videos on a bigger screen.


Yes Player is a trusted app that introduces the free watching facility, especially to movie lovers and music lovers. This facility makes the app unique since all the other video streaming apps have paid subscription services. Why don’t you download the app and have the most wonderful experience with streaming freely? Don’t be late!


How can I install the app?

You can easily install the app to your android device from the above download links

Can Yes Player install on my Fire TV?

Yes Player is a free app with free movie contents. You can access thousands of free movies by installing yes player on your Amazon Fire TV. There are some special steps to follow to install it. Because it is not available on Fire TV App Store.

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